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1. My Equipment is not Working

​Whether your A/C, Heating, or Water isn't functioning properly, Xtreme is the HVAC Company at your service. Our process is built around you. You’ll collaborate with our experienced and trained Technicians to meticulously plan every detail without breaking your budget.

The process happens like this: 

  • FREE Initial consultation to inspect the system (on replacements only.)
  • Quote will explain in full detail what is needed for optimal comfort with a variety of options to fit your budget.
  • Quote will only be locked in at the said dollar amount for 30 days. If you have not scheduled within that time period, a new quote based upon current prices will be issued.
  • Follow up meeting to answer all of your questions and get your system scheduled within 48 hours.

2. Guaranteed Work

Our team has 35+ years of experience with everything HVAC for your home. This makes it easy to guarantee quality and efficient work in your home. We know the requirements of each kind of unit, the best equipment specific to your home, and how to make them out of sight and out of mind for you and your family. Ease and Comfort are our number one priority. We also make sure that our technicians are trained on the latest technology and are up to date on the newest equipment and installation. This allows our team to go into every home and do the professional job that you need, in the shortest amount of time possible. Our technicians pride themselves on being the best at their jobs in the nation.

3. Guaranteed Price, Savings & Warranty Along with Optional Financing.

Service & Installations are pretty straightforward and so is our price. Rest assured that with Xtreme Mechanical Service, your service and installation price is guaranteed. We make sure that you can trust our work and our prices, so we are always upfront and honest when we take on any job. We understand that maintenance on your home can be an inconvenience-so we will work with you and your budget. Our systems provide you peace of mind with warranties (length varies upon system). Our partnerships with the Top HVAC Companies take care of their home/business owners.

We also are able to provide in-house Financing Options as well. Please visit this link to find out more:


Click here for Special Financing!

4. Increasing the Value of Your Home

Most real estate experts agree that buyers expect the HVAC system in any home they consider to be working and well maintained.  You can expect tor recoup 35-50% of the initial cost of a new system in your sales price. Replacing an older system could help to grab buyer interest – and that could be worth the entire sale!

The key to determining whether or not a new system is worth the price is to determine if it is needed. An old outdated system may detract buyers. While they may not even notice that the system in place is new, they will definitely notice if it is worn or broken. If you're asking yourself, "how much does a new system add to my home value?", here are some other things to consider:

Tips for Choosing a New HVAC System that Increases Your Home’s Value


Maybe you have decided that a new HVAC system is necessary to sell your house. Now it is your job to find a system that offers the most value.  Here are a few things to look at when buying one:

  • Energy Efficiency

The more the new homeowners can save on hvac, (air conditioning repair, heating repair, tankless water heaters, etc.) the more value they will place on the system.

  • Go Green

If you live in an area where green is in, then by all means use this to your advantage. It can be a great marketing tool.

  • Go Small

Today’s modern HVAC systems use less space than ever before. By opting for a smaller unit you have the opportunity to open up space in your basement, which can add significant value to your home.

  • Add a Heat Pump

This can making the system more efficient, thus increasing its value.

  • Choosing the Right Size Unit

Always be careful to choose the right size system to accommodate the home’s square footage. Too small and the system will struggle to maintain the right temperature. Too big and you’ll be wasting money on both equipment and energy.

  • Does your area warrant air conditioning? YES! We live in Hampton Roads, Virginia! Where summers are between 80-100 degrees!
  • How old is your A/C? When is the last time you had Preventative Maintenance?
  • How old is your Heating Unit? Reminder that warranties do expire. If the warranty has expired on a 15 year old unit, you may want to be considering replacement!


Bosch Inverter Ducted Split Air Source Heat Pump

Why Choose This?

Features & Benefits

  • Ultra-efficient inverter drive system delivers up to 18 SEER and towers over 1 and 2-stage systems
  • Variable capacity control to precisely match the cooling/heating load - no more no less
  • One of the quietest and most compact air-to-air systems with sound levels as low as 56 dB
  • Delivers ultimate comfort through stable room temperature using your choice of thermostat
  • Typically a 10-Year Limited Warranty, however because we are an ABC Contractor, we offer an 11-Year Warranty

Quiet, Comfort and Efficiency

Inverter Ducted Split Air Source Heat Pump

The robust Bosch Inverter Ducted Split air-source heat pump system utilizes just the right amount of energy to achieve ultimate comfort and maximum efficiency while keeping sound levels to a minimum.


Quality engineering, quiet performance and an unbeatable warranty from Bosch delivers exceptional home comfort. Whether heating or cooling, our reliable inverter heat pumps keep homeowners comfortable by providing precise indoor temperature and humidity control. These high-efficiency, robust and quiet Inverter-Ducted Split system heat pumps are available in two sizes ranging from 1-3 or 3-5 ton capacity to suit your needs. This system boasts a variable speed inverter drive which adjust the speed of the compressor to optimize comfort, while keeping sound levels to a minimum and utilizing just the right amount of energy to achieve maximum efficiency up to 18 SEER for lower energy bills and higher comfort levels.

Consistent Room Temperature - No Ups and Downs, Ons and Offs

Conventional heat pumps frequent cycling on and off can result in uncomfortable temperature fluctuations while inverter-driven pumps are able to self-adjust, providing consistent room temperature, even when the outdoor temperature dips below 5 degrees F.

Consume Only the Energy You Need

Modulating inverter systems deliver only the amount of hot or cool air needed to achieve the desired temperature – no more, no less. With an 18 SEER rating and 9.5 HSPF, the Inverter Ducted Split system can provide you with maximum comfort levels at a minimum cost.


Residential Limited Warranty


With the Residential Limited Warranty, you receive peace-of-mind knowing you will receive replacement parts protection for up to 11 years. This standard offering covers all components incorporated into the heat pump system at the time of manufacture. All other components or parts that are purchased from Bosch and installed in the field have a 1-year parts warranty.